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California Product Liability And Auto Defects Lawyers

At Workers’ Advocate, our attorneys have represented injured consumers against some of the largest product and automotive manufacturing companies. Our legal team has the resources and extensive experience to identify a product defect, prove that the defect caused our clients’ injuries, and ensure that the responsible parties are held to account for the damage.

Manufacturers and distributors of products owe a duty to ensure the safety of the products they create, sell, or distribute. Companies breach this duty when they create a product that is dangerous because of its design, a manufacturing defect, or a lack of sufficient warnings. When manufacturers cause harm, the burden should not fall on the injured consumers. Instead, personal injury victims need skilled representation to hold these companies responsible for the injuries caused by these dangerous products, which may require extensive medical treatment and cause loss of income.

Our attorneys will aggressively work to hold the companies involved in the manufacture and sale of defective automobiles and other products accountable for their dangerous products.

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“Dear Samy, I can’t adequately express the appreciation I feel, you saved me! I am finally free of some financial fears and recover my life after six years of hell. I also feel some satisfaction that …”

– Kathleen N.

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The best lawyers keep their cool and their sense of humor when declaring all out war
The best lawyers keep their cool and their sense of humor when declaring all out war
The veteran move is to insist on getting what you need at the scene of a car accident
The veteran move is to insist on getting what you need at the scene of a car accident
Listen as this disgusting defense lawyer exposes himself
Listen as this disgusting defense lawyer exposes himself
after watching the Jhonny Depp
After watching the Johny Depp and Amber Heard trial
Personal Injury Case
Last year I was involved in a car accident case that left me feeling hopeless and lost. Samy eased my angst and was extremely knowledgeable about car accident cases. He took his time to thoroughly explain to me step by step the process and made sure that I was aware of my rights and the...
Top dollar for my car crash
Picking my lawyer was not easy. Two guys said my case wasn’t worth it for them – Samy didnt. He took my case and helped me get my medical treatments so my back dont hurt like before. Now he gave me a lot more money than even I was hoping and I am feeling much...
Personalized support and gave me options
I needed help with a difficult employment situation due to disability accommodations. It was extremely stressful to handle. I consulted Samy and explained how I wasn’t in a headspace to handle the convos with HR anymore due to the stress and how it was making my health worse. I was ready to quit and wanted...

When Retaliation Strikes: Understanding Your Rights Under New York Labor Law

Retaliation can take many forms. It's not limited to firing or demoting the employee. It could include any negative job action like a pay cut, job or shift reassignment, or any other action that could deter a reasonable person from reporting violations in the future.

Employment Law Q&A: What are the top grounds for suing my employer in California?

As a plaintiff-side employment lawyer, I can tell you that there are several grounds for suing your employer in California. These include: Wage and Hour Violations: California law requires employers to pay employees at least minimum wage, provide meal and rest breaks, and pay overtime for hours worked over eight in a day or 40 in a week.

MyStory Employee Rights Advocacy In The Community

Our Advocates pride ourselves in serving our nonprofit organizations, civil services organizations, and grassroots working communities across in Southern California. We offer know your rights presentations to communities of all economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds to overview key employment rights every worker should know. If you or your organization would like to partner with Workers’ Advocate to arrange a free in-person presentation.