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California’s AB 800: Empowering Young Workers to Create a More Equitable Future

California’s AB 800: Empowering Young Workers for a Brighter Future

California’s ringing in a new era of empowerment for young workers with the passage of AB 800. This groundbreaking legislation mandates Workplace Readiness Week in high schools, equipping students with essential knowledge about their rights and protections.

From April 28th each year, California high schoolers will soak in crucial learnings about child labor laws, wage and hour protections, worker safety norms, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, paid sick leave, paid family leave, state disability insurance, the California Family Rights Act, the right to organize or join a union, and protections against employer retaliation.

This symbiosis of knowledge and action is vital in making these young minds resilient against future workplace challenges, fostering a proactive culture of standing up against inequities.

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Why is AB 800 important?

AB 800 is important because it empowers young workers to navigate the workplace with confidence and advocate for themselves. By understanding their rights and protections, young workers can safeguard their well-being and create a more equitable future.

What are the key benefits of AB 800?

AB 800 offers several key benefits, including:

  • Increased awareness of workplace rights and protections among young workers
  • Reduced risk of wage theft, exploitation, and other workplace abuses
  • Enhanced job satisfaction and productivity among young workers
  • Fostering a more equitable and just workplace culture

How can young workers make the most of AB 800?

To make the most of AB 800, young workers should:

  • Actively participate in Workplace Readiness Week activities and learning opportunities
  • Ask questions and clarify any doubts
  • Connect with mentors and resources for support
  • Be proactive in advocating for their rights and protections


California’s AB 800 is a watershed moment in the empowerment of young workers. By equipping students with essential knowledge about their rights and protections, AB 800 is paving the way for a more equitable and just future.

Call to action:

Let’s celebrate this step towards creating a diverse, informed, and legally conscious future workforce! Join us in forging ahead, word by word, law by law – united in our journey towards a more equitable future.

Additional tips for young workers:

  • Educate yourself about your rights and protections. There are many resources available online and in your community to help you learn more about your rights as a worker.
  • Be assertive and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re unsure about something, don’t be afraid to ask your employer, a supervisor, or a trusted adult for clarification.
  • Speak up if you see something wrong. If you witness or experience workplace abuse, don’t be afraid to speak up and report it. You can report workplace abuse to your employer, the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • Build a network of support. Having a network of supportive mentors and peers can be helpful in navigating the workplace and advocating for your rights.


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